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Real Estate Broker

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Is an entrepreneur, wise, and humble person whose vision is based on God and family.  He unconditionally offers his assistance and shares his knowledge by telling stories.  Ever since he was a little boy, he was always intrigued in learning everything he saw others doing.  Back in the days, Luban’s father used to work in Real Estate in Colombia, from constructing or buying to selling or renting properties. He remembers as one of his fascinating memories when his father used take him at the constructions at his free time.  When Luban was just a teenager, his father passed away, but he left him the Real Estate legacy of not only investing in Real Estate as a homeowner, but to also build a solid future for the family in the event the head of the family is missing.  At 27 years-old, he took the adventure of moving to the U.S.  The language barrier was not an issue for him.  His determination took him to be the Manager of a well-known store in the area which lead him to work for a law firm with only English speaking professionals.  Today, he is a Real Estate Broker who can handle an English conversation with anyone, and help others to understand this business in all aspects, whether it is for living or investing…. Without a doubt, Luban is following his father’s steps by looking out for his lovely wife and three children.

Tell us about one interesting story that occurred during a Real Estate transaction?  “There was a family close to me who thought they were not able to own a house.  Despite all the struggle throughout the process, I guided  them step by step believing what God had in stored for them.  For everyone’s surprise, we were able to close in less amount of time than we thought it was going to be.  This was an amazing experience!”

Fun Fact:  He has 22 siblings!


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